Hosting your own instance of tilde - how to create a shared environment for students by anonymous | BBJ

>0 anonymous @ 2021/04/17 20:48

The title is self-explanatory. I am thinking about teaching students UNIX back in my school at some point. And I would like to make it a joyful experience, something like going back in time to terminals, time-sharing systems and such. The communal feeling systems like give you is precious, and I would like to recreate it while also giving some kind of introduction to linux and the command line (and, incidentally, free software).
I am in no way an expert in this kind of things but I have previously set up a matrix server in its simplest form. The computer running it is headless and also used for seeding. My preferred distro is archlinux and I am pretty comfortable with the command line. That's to give you some context.
The reason I would not like to use a readily-avaiable ~ instances is that the main language of our communication is russian, and I don't want to overwhelm people with this much english or introduce a foreign language to some random instance. Having more control over environment is also nice.

So the question stands: how do I make a shared system from the grounds up? The prospects of building one of my own are still in the distant future so I hope this will be a long-burning thread. Any advice is appreciated.

>1 soda2 @ 2021/06/03 17:29

Hwllo, I think you asked really general question.

In short, answer depends what you want to share with student. Which services you want to share and how much do you have many and time for that.

Create simply debian on VPS can be quite cheap and fast - but what next?