gemini cgi? by winter | BBJ

>0 winter @ 2023/03/10 22:45

so i was trying to set up a cgi script i wrote, but it looks like the gemini server here (jetforce) either doesn't support cgi in user-dirs, or it wasn't configured to do that: i put a little shell script to test (yes it is also marked as executable) which is at gemini:// and you can see that it just shows the contents of the file instead.
does anyone know if it's possible to do cgi on here, and if so how? (i also tried on ~cafe but their server doesn't work properly with PATH_INFO (i.e. virtual subdirectories of the cgi script) which my script needs. obviously i would rather not make an account at yet another tilde just for this)
if it's not possible i would like to propose that it becomes so