introduction by creme | BBJ

>0 creme @ 2019/08/03 13:06

thought it might be nice to have an introduction thread now that we have our
very own bbj =)


i'm ~sven, born in the 1989. i'm a computer science expert (system integration),
and i life in dresden - germany and i created

i like sysadmin stuff, writing code, listening music and ride my bike.
i will write my blog ( and you can find also stuff
in my gopher (gopher://

you can find me on irc or matrix if you need anything!

have fun and feel comfortable on ;)

~ creme

>1 coleman @ 2020/06/23 03:28

I'm Coleman. Born 1984.

I'm here to write some code, some blogs, and learn from all you great people.

Being on a multi-user system is cool. It's nice to not have root :)

>2 x0rzavi @ 2020/08/03 17:56

hi i'm ~x0rzavi (or better call me Avi). born 2002, from india.
i like working on computers and learning new things, though i know
a quite few things over varied stuff i'm not a pro at any

Need ur help asap, so reach me out on irc @ ~x0rzavi

looking for making new friends too. happened to learn about ~ 
communities from reddit, quite a fascinating place for a teen like
me too.... XD

Fun fact: researched about several ~'s to find a server close to 
my country (i dont like that laggy feeling lol). Hoping to open one
of my own too someday..... Byeee

>3 cblte @ 2020/08/05 19:46

Hello I am cblte, but you can call me Carsten if you want. 
I am born in 1980 in Germany, NRW.

I have some experience with Linux and Solaris. Did an SysAdmin Course once, but not doing it for aliving right now. 
I earn my bread and butter as a software enginerr and principal programmer at an international company in The Netherlands. 

I like to be here on a multiuser system. Not that many people, but people who care about things they do. Hopefully :-)

Hope to make some new friends here and maybe I can contribute to this nice world.

>4 tidest @ 2020/11/19 20:59

Hey there, I'm ~tidest though I'm known to many simply as Mike. I've been around on this lovely planet since '98, hailing from the western US. I suppose some things that I really enjoy would be computers, video games (everything from Dwarf Fortress to Beat Saber :p), reading, and anime. OFC there's more than that, buuut those are the big ones.

I've been using Linux for a few years now, just giving the BSDs a shot this year through my home server running {Free,True}NAS and my RPi 1B (btw NetBSD runs great on those if you're looking for a use for one.) but I've never used any of the *nixes on a shared system before, it's kinda cool that they can do this.

Hope to see you around :)
-- Tidest

>5 krisk @ 2021/01/24 18:09


I'm krisk.  I'm a software engineer, working mostly with embedded systems recently.  I was looking for a quiet space and looks like I found one... seems like there are friendly people here as well :)

I'm also looking for inspiration.  Already found few gems here.  I'm basically looking for simplicity, which means getting back to basics...

I also got interested in Gemini which brought me here as I was looking for hosting.


>6 alephalpha0 @ 2021/03/18 15:37

Hi all, 

alephalpha0 here. 36 year old human being tunneling into from Tejas USA. I'm trying to learn the ins and outs of terminal / command line computing. Definitely enjoying the shared sever (once again, thank you creme!) and all the little bits and bobs that it has to play with. 

I'm self-teaching how to code, mainly in Python, and haven't gotten as far as I would like. If anyone would like a project, I'm down to be tutored. 

I also enjoy photography, memes, and good coffee. 


>7 tchaikageu @ 2021/05/23 05:13

Here is Tchaikageu from Nouméa, New Caledonia.

I like freedom, free softwares, python coding in vim.
Since two years, I run my own private Nextcloud instance and other services on a Debian GNU/linux VPS to stay away as much as possible from GAFAM & Co "free" services. It's a bit of work to customize and secure a Linux server but it worths the spent time ;)

Most of my free time is spent listening music (mostly reggae and punk rock), playing acoustic guitar, reading books, playing and learning with cli Linux tools, trying new free OS and enjoying oceanian way of life.

I'm new to tilde community but a old Linux user (starting around Debian Potato release).

Many thanks to staff for providing free shells with cool stuff and inspiring default configuration.

>8 missogra @ 2021/06/14 20:45


I've just joined the community and trying to figure out things over here :) I'm missogra, born somewhere in South America and now living in Hamburg, Germany -- at least, for one more year. 
I majored in computational linguistics and I'm working in a "big" company now as a "devops engineer", whatever that entails. I'm really happy to have discovered this place and I'm looking forward to learn and experiment here. Main languages are Python/bash/js, but currently learning C and getting amazed by how quickly things can get weird :O Big fan of analog photography, tea and indian/mexican/peruvian food n.n


>9 dieu @ 2021/07/14 19:33

Hello, I am dieu. I like being on the Internet finding communities like envs. I am new to the world of Linux, and I am
already enchanted by its beauty. I like writing, and finding this community, I am motivated to write and share it with 
you all. It is great to be here.

>10 missogra @ 2021/07/16 04:55


Welcome :) looking forward to discover some more new content over here n.n

>11 dieu @ 2021/07/16 10:21

Thank you! I have read through pages of the users here, it is delightful. I hope I can contribute something of value.

>12 arydev @ 2021/08/19 08:09

Hi Aryel here.

I am a 14 years old programer so i just forud out about
on the gemini website and joined it. :)

I like low level programming,AI,Blockachains,Networking and C!

>13 coleman @ 2021/08/30 02:11


Welcome to the server! 


>14 hastur @ 2021/09/14 20:47

Howdy, I'm Hastur/Pat from sweden(quite irrelevant).
Used to tinker with linux for over 20 years ago, forgot a lot on the way.
Now I need to learn. Step by step.
Wish me luck and hopefully I'll see some of you guys around.

>15 slips @ 2021/11/05 00:57

Sup. I'm Slips. I'm interested in Linux, and Nerf Blaster modding.

>16 neocall @ 2021/11/15 09:34

Hi, I'm Circuit lover from India.
I love electronics and linux that brought me up her.e
Still a n00b, learning lots of stuff.


>17 rprospero @ 2022/01/25 13:49

Hey, I'm rprospero, an American ex-pat in the UK.  I'm a physicist by trade, but I've been using Linux for over twenty years and writing code for close to thirty.  Despite that, I've never really gotten deepling involved in any of the tech community, which I'm trying to change.

>18 aesophod @ 2022/02/12 03:37

Exploring and expanding my knowledge base. Love Gemini and looking for more Gemini content. Hope to see you 'round.

>19 benwas @ 2022/03/24 04:54

Recently signed up and looking forward to getting to know the community. Cheers all!

>20 mak @ 2022/04/10 15:42


I am `mak`. I signed up today and looking forward to learn a lot of stuff and getting to know the community. Cheers!

>21 golfyado @ 2022/04/16 13:26

hey baby take a walk on the wild side!

>22 atomic @ 2022/04/21 12:39

Hey everybody,

I'm atomic, and this is my first time on a tilde. I've been tinkering
with computers since the 80s, and discovered the dial-up internet in the
mid 90s. I appreciate the modern and the retro nostalgic equally. I found
the tildeverse through Gopher and Gemini, thought it was about time I said
hello! In the modern world I enjoy learning distributed systems and
collaboration technologies like OT/CRDTs. My nostalgia fix comes from old
hardware like PDAs. I also enjoy fiddling with limited hardware - everything
from ESP32 to the Pi.

Nice to meet you all!

>23 pino @ 2022/05/04 16:34

Hi you all!

I'm pino, a passionate self-hoster and looking forward to discover a better way of using internet!

>24 ignacio @ 2022/05/14 11:42

Hello! I'm Ignacio, I come from Argentina and am staying in Munich at the moment. I only played a bit with a multi-user server once, long ago (probably SDF) and I'm looking forward to meeting people doing cool things. >>23

>25 sjm @ 2022/11/14 21:59

Hi everyone. My Name is Simon from Wales in the United Kingdom and I'm another 80s kid. I write code for a living; sometimes it even works. I also do it for fun, and you can find a lot of it here: I'm also generally interested in computers and other nerdy things. The more technical and low-level, the better!

>26 utsuho @ 2022/11/22 08:35

hello folk, i'm brianna but i usually go by utsuho/UtsuhoRocks on the interwebs,
i'm into touhou and tinker with UNIX systems for a living (mainly 9front),
i only really play games with user generated content (Minecraft, Starbound,
VRChat and Anything in the Valve Source Engine),
im always open to chat, even if i'm socially awkward,
found out about this place from a friend over at SDF.ORG Pubnix while
talking about other tildespaces/pubnix servers and wanted to give here a look!

im also elsewhere on the web
Gopherspace: gopher://

>27 winter @ 2022/12/05 17:44

hi, i'm winter (AdamantPenguin on more mainstream websites) from England, and i'm mostly interested in "technical things", from bash scripting to calculus to Minecraft redstone - although not many of the programs i write are very useful.  i've been using Linux for a few years, and i run a FreeBSD server with Minecraft and Mumble for my friends.  been lurking on gemini for a while and wrote a couple of barely-interesting posts a few months back.  i also don't usually talk to people online very much so hopefully i can change that here :)

>28 etelan @ 2023/04/11 20:05

Hi, I'm Miguel, from 1970 in Gran Canaria. I run Trisquel (GNU/Linux) and love
amateur computing. Currently I'm using AWK, BASH, python, but I truly love Ruby,
without the rails thing. My first machine was a beloved Amstrad 464.
I'm keeping a gemini capsule,, a website and a gopher
hole right here.
I love writing, solo role-playing and interactive fiction.
Oh! and I paddle on surfskis and do camping, hiking and adventure stuff! :)

>29 parappanon @ 2023/04/22 16:23

hello! my username is parappanon but if that's a wordful you can just call me kenma.
as you'd expect, i'm yet another old technology and *nix enthusiast, and on
my free time i tend to listen to music, surf the internet, fool around with
ai, watch anime and play ps1 games and touhou.

it's nice to meet y'all, and i hope you enjoy having me here as well. that i think about it, i should really make a gemini capsule -
even a gopherhole would be pretty great.

>30 riftwalkr @ 2023/08/06 14:06

Hellooo, I am Riftwalker or TheWinner (either one is fine by me lol). I am just a 19y bi guy that enjoys computers and video games that found you randomly and have this ssh account for 2-3 weeks now.

Also um can someone help me on how to reset my password lmao? I made an account here as thewinner958 but I forgot the bloody password and i don't know how to reset it. Please help.