programming languages by lrb | BBJ

>0 lrb @ 2020/08/16 11:36

what's everyone's go-to language? what do you like about it?

I personally use Go for a lot of things, unless the situation calls for something else. Easy to remember/learn syntax, fast performance, and beautifully clean code :)

>1 tildebeast @ 2020/10/22 09:11

I use quite a few Go projects written by others -- the Molly Brown gemini server, a couple of gemini browsers, a command-line ebook reader. I have read the 'quick intro' and like the look of the language. But I haven't progressed any further.

My go-to is Python for the moment, for the ease and speed of cobbling together scripts for work.

I enjoyed learning Rust for a while but the safety constraints (particularly when dipping a toe into timer-based programs) were tough to work with.


>2 arydev @ 2021/08/19 08:14

I love to use C as much as posible but sometimes i use go and python 
for prototyping.

>3 rmgr @ 2021/09/21 06:08

Python is usually my go-to

>4 neocall @ 2021/11/15 09:27

python is my go-to language

>5 rprospero @ 2022/01/25 13:46

I mostly use C++ and Python at work, but, when I'm prototyping something, I often wind up going with Haskell.  I know all those problems can be solved in any language, but I can write things in Haskell that I'm not smart enough to do in Python. >>4

>6 grizzly @ 2022/03/18 10:41

I'm use a lot of nodejs/react, nodejs with prisma and postgres 

>7 ignacio @ 2022/05/21 05:55

That's actually surprising, I usually think of Haskell as something more beautiful than other languages, but much harder to get stuff done on (because I have very little experience). Could you give an example? >>5

>8 sjm @ 2022/11/14 22:03

Rust is my go-to these days, although I'll use something else if it's more approprioate for the task at hand (e.g. Bash or PowerShell for scripts). It's not the easiest language to learn, but I love the combination of performance and safety.

>9 anonymous @ 2022/12/04 19:23